Wallstar 2

Unrivalled with its high efficiency, space saving design and quiet, odourless operation while retaining the original Wallstar’s ease of installation and servicing. Supplied complete with anintegrated Balanced Flue, the Wallstar 1 is available in a 12-20kW output.

The new Wallstar 2 Low Nox is ideal for mid to large properties. Like the Wallstar 1 and Wallstar 3 it is very compact. It still retains all the values of the previous models and comes supplied with a Low Nox burner to conform to the latest EU Directives regarding low levels of Nitrogen Oxide. The Wallstar 2 is a direct replacement for previous 15/19 and 15/20 models. The only execption is the very early 15/19, pre 1999 (half moon version) that shared the same size water jacket as the smaller model. Please call the office for further information.

Product Code Wallstar 2
Number of Bedrooms3, 4
Number of Bathrooms1, 2, 3
Heating SystemOpen Vented, Sealed
Condensate Drain20mm
Condensate TrapIncluded
Drain Socket0.5" BSP
Flow and Return1" BSP
Frost ThermostatIncluded
FuelClass C2 (28 Second Kerosene)
Fuel Connection10mm
Integrated Balanced Flue Included
Manual Reset High Limit ThermostatIncluded
Max Installation Height2.5m From Tank Outlet
Non-Return ValveIncluded
Oil FilterIncluded
Telescopic Flue & Wall Duct Range210-340mm
(+100mm Extension Kit Available)
Tigerloop / DeareatorNot required
Warranty2 years parts & labour,
3 addl. years on Water Jacket
Height Width Depth
Inside Casing 700mm 430mm 330mm
Outside Casing 540mm 360mm Telescopic
Technical Information 12kW 14kW 16kW 18kW 20kW
Nozzle 0.45 80O EH 0.5 80O EH 0.5 80O EH 0.55 80O EH 0.65 80O EH
Oil Pressure 100 PSI 100 PSI 120 PSI 125 PSI 110 PSI
CO2 12% +/-1% 12% +/-1% 12% +/-1% 12% +/-1% 12% +/-1%
Inner Adjustment Assembly No. 5 No. 5 No. 5 No. 10 No. 10