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Welcome to HRM Boilers new website, we hope you like it! We are still making additions and improvements so if you find any problems please bear with us. There may also be periods of down time while we continue work.

HRM Boilers experience of creating highly efficient oil fired boilers spans over 25 years.  We look at creating boilers from a different perspective…

How do we free up space in our customers homes? How do we make an even more efficient boiler?  How easy will it be to install? How quiet can we make it? How do we make it easy to service? How do we guarantee high build quality? We became passionate about our quest and we discovered the answer. We accepted no compromise, that’s how we created Wallstar, probably the most efficient, quietest, most compact and easy to service through the wall boiler on the market today.

Whichever model you choose, we are sure that you or your customers will be delighted with it and get years of trouble free high performance. In fact we are so sure we guarantee it.

Whether you are a householder, an installer, a builder, a housing association or a merchant, we hope that by browsing our website you too will see why our unique HRM Wallstar and X-ternal oil fired boilers will give you or your customers real advantages and benefits. If you can’t find the information you need or would like to talk to someone about your enquiry please phone us on 01953 455400, alternatively email us at info@hrmboilers.co.uk


    Wallstar Installation Video


Benefits of an HRM Boiler

Benefits Of An Hrm Boiler

With so many different manufacturers offering many different models of boiler it can be confusing to know what benefits one will offer you over the other, particularly when they are all so similar. We are proud of our Wallstar and X-ternal boilers as they are genuinely innovative in a market full of products with little to differentiate them. By setting our boilers apart from the crowd we can offer genuine advantages and benefits that other boilers cannot.

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When you call us we promise you will speak to a knowledgable member of our team, not a machine.

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View our products

View Our Products

Our range includes the unique award winning Wallstar through-the-wall oil fired boiler. First introduced during the early 1980's the Wallstar has evolved to meet the present day demand for highly efficient condensing boilers and is available in both regular, system and combi versions. To further enhance the HRM range, the X-ternal model was introduced, a fully external boiler which can be used in situations where the benefits of the Wallstar boiler cannot be utilised.

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